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Variety of T-Tubes configurations on process lines including straights, tees and elbows


Advanced insulation designed for clean and aseptic environments


T-Tubes is an advanced insulation system specifically developed for process lines in clean and aseptic environments.


Launched in 2006 as a breakthrough in cleanroom insulation, T-Tubes have become the most trusted solution for the biotechnology, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food and beverage industries.

Made from a high-performance closed cell, crosslinked PVDF foam, T-Tubes is a highly temperature and chemically tolerant, low profile insulation that allow for insulating lines in tight areas where traditional insulations (melamine and fiberglass) will not fit.


They provide critical protection for personnel working around hot processing lines. Installation is fast and easy with custom molded fittings and overlapping self-adhering tape.

Variery of T-Tubes cleanroom insulation configurations
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Close up shot of T-Tubes insulation

Why Choose T-Tubes?

Low Profile

T-Tubes low profile cleanroom insulation

Significant space savings and

allows for insulating areas that cannot be covered with traditional insulation

T-Tubes straights, tees, and elbows/corners

Multiple Configurations

Straights, tees, and elbows as well as custom covers for unique valves, boxes and accessories

T-Tubes Personnel Protection on hot and cold lines

personnel Protection

Provides personnel protection and can accommodate hot and cold lines

Made in the USA American Flag

Made in ThE USA

Manufactured at ISO 9001 and

ISO 13485 facilities in the US 

T-Tubes offer quick turnaround and fast delivery

Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround and fast delivery

T-Tubes fast and easy installation

Fast & Easy Installation

Overlapping tape and molded fittings allow for quick and easy installation

T-Tubes Moisture Resistant Cleanroom Insulation

Moisture Resistant

Prevents growth of mold and bacteria

Dust free cleanroom insulation

Dust Free

Allows for cutting and installing in clean environments

Chemical Tolerant Cleanroom Insulation

Chemically Tolerant

Impervious to industry cleaning compounds

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Hand Holding T-Tubes cleanroom insulation elbow/corner


Service Temperature: -80°C to 160°C (-112°F to 320°F)

Thickness: 1/4" (6.35mm) for all lines below 300°F

Material: High-purity Zotek® F foam

Jacket: Kynar® PVDF jacket available for more protection and easier to clean surface

Flammability ASTM E-84: Flame 5 / Smoke 5

Mold Growth ASTM G21-96: No sign after 28 days

Fungus Growth DO160D, Sec 13, Cat F: No sign after 28 days

Outgassing (Semiconductor Standards): 29.1μg/g (limit 1000μg/g)
Permeance: 0.02 grains/hr
Cell Size: 0.17mm
Density ISO 845: 845 2.2 pcf (36 kg/m3)
Compression ISO 7214: 15.8psi @ 25% and 26.1 psi @ 50%
109kPa @ 25% and 180 kPa @ 25%
Tensile Strength: ISO 1798 85psi (586 kPa)
Elongation: ISO 1798 66%
Tear Strength: ISO 8067 5 lbf/in (876 N/m)

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About UFP Technologies

T-Tubes is a product developed by UFP Technologies, a medical designer and manufacturer of custom devices, sub-assemblies, components and packaging utilizing highly specialized foams, films, fabrics and plastics. UFP is an important link in the healthcare supply chain as a valued outsource partner to most of the top medical device companies in the world. For more information visit

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