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T-Tubes are the only insulation in the world that is compliant with Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals 4910 standard for cleanroom materials. They have also successfully completed FM's 4924 Pipe Chase Flammability Test. T-Tubes are made from Kynar® PVDF based, high-purity Zotek® F foams.

Material Zotek F° Kynar® PVDF based foam
Service Temperature -112°F to 320°F (-80°C to 160°C)
Thermal Conductivity ASTM C-518 k=.22 à 22°F (k=0.0317 W/m.k)
Flammability ASTM E-84 Flame 5 / Smoke 5
Mold Growth ASTM G21-96 No sign after 28 days
Fungus Growth DO160D, Sec 13, Cat F No sign after 28 days
Outgassing (Semiconductor Standards) 29.1µg/g (limit 1000µg/g)
Permeance 0.02 grains/hr
Cell Size 0.17mm
Density ISO 845 2.2 pcf (36 kg/m2)
Compression ISO 7214 15.8psi @ 25% and 26.1 psi @ 50%
109kPa @ 25% and 180 kPa @ 25%
Tensile Strength ISO 1798 85psi (586 kPa)
Elongation ISO 1798 66%
Tear Strength ISO 8067 5 lbf/in (876 N/m)
Factory Mutual 4924 Pipe Chase
Flammability Standard
Factory Mutual 4910 Cleanroom
Materials Test Protocol
Compliant / Listed