Clean Room Insulation

T-Tubes® are an advanced tube and pipe insulation system specifically developed for process lines and equipment in cleanroom environments. They require no jacketing and have a temperature range of -112°F to 320°F (-80°C to 160°C) . With a wall thickness of only 1/4" (6.35 mm) they save space and allow for insulating areas that cannot be covered using existing methods. Installation is easy and fast with custom molded fittings and an overlapping self-adhering tape.

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T-Tubes Pipe Insulation

T-Tubes possess excellent moisture, chemical and UV resistance along with low smoke, flame and toxicity properties. Their fine, closed-cell nature allows for cutting and installing in cleanroom environments without the use of bags or hoods.T-Tubes are the only piping insulation in the world that is compliant with Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals 4910 standard for cleanroom materials. They have also successfully completed FM's 4924 Pipe Chase Flammability Test. T-Tubes are made from Kynar®PVDF based, high-purity ZOTEK® F foams.